Dear readers of Brewster's blog,

It is with great regret that I have to inform you that the writer of this blog is currently stranted in Great Britain and unable to get home, due to his excessive shopping the last week. He cannot afford to go home anymore and is in desperate need of money. Apparently, he just had to buy the complete Miss Marple collection on dvd (starring Joan Hickson, of course, not the dreadful Geraldine McEwan who butchered Miss Christie's novels in a BBC series not too long ago) as well as a new pair of shoes, a couple of t-shirts, tons of records (The Soundtrack to Les Demoiselles de Rochefort! Tracey Ullman! Cristina!), books (The complete prose of Woody Allen! Louis Theroux! Chris Ware!) and dvd:s (the Thin Man-collection!). Unfortunatly, Brewster also had to intake a massive amount of beer, booze and alcoholic beverages, and he had to pay a lot of money to see the much-much-larger-than-life Miss Dolly Rocket sing live at the Dynamite Boogaloo. As you probably understand, all this has had a negative influence on Brewster's already stretched economy.

So, if you want to see Brewster back in his home country again, please make sure that he has a sufficient amount of money in his bank account to pay for at trip home. And send a thought to the poor
Mikael who is way too hung over to even write in his blog. Shame on him!

Over and out,


Postat av: mattias

hehe, fan vad du är nöjd med att vara fast. du vill bara ha deg till ytterligare populärkulturella excesser.

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